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November 24, 2016

8. Vani seth( homemaker)

I am very happy that I met Anshul and she bought a vast change in my husband’s approach towards food. ...
November 24, 2016

7. Prerak R( Businessman)

It was great consulting you. Never during the duration I felt as if I’m starving myself to lose weight. You ...
November 24, 2016

6. Nidhi J[entrepreneur and runner up MIQS]

After having met her I realised dieting isn’t about starving yourself. Its rather about eating the right thing in right ...
November 24, 2016

5. Anjali [ President of a reputed organisation]

To whomsover it may concern I met Anshul middle of 2012, soon after my blood test results were a bit ...
November 24, 2016

4. Nidhi [Vice-president of a reputed organisation]

Hi Anshul, I just wanted to let you know that you have made a tremendous difference to my life. Before ...
November 24, 2016

3. Varun [student]

” following anshuls diet has been very helpful to me reaching my goal, I have been following her diet since ...
November 24, 2016

2. Sheela [housewife, Age-50 plus]

Hi! This is Sheela jagasia. I am with anshul since last 2 years & she is an amazing person and ...
November 24, 2016

1. Megha [housewife]

Diet!!! A dreaded four letter, but how many times do you come across people who ask you to eat and ...




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